Jurnecka Creations
490 Lake Park Avenue #16116  
Oakland, CA


  1780's aristocratic lady - an iridescent pink silk gown edged with hand-dyed ribbon ruching and encrusted with gold braid on the stomacher, with exuberant lace ruffles on the sleeves, worn over a metallic silk underskirt embellished with painting and embroidery.

  1780's aristocratic gentleman - green bee brocade coat with custom-made coordinating bee buttons, worn over a floral tapestry waistcoat, ruffled shirt, lace cravat, and brown knee breeches.


  1780's gentleman - blue brocade coat edged with tapestry ribbon, worn over ruffled white shirt and cravat, salmon fleur-de-lis brocade waistcoat, and tan suede breeches.


  1780's - enjoying the garden in a brocade gown with lace sleeve-ruffles and hand-pleated ribbon and pearl accents on the bodice, worn over a full rose underskirt.


  Regency era gown - 1820's - made of a multi-colored silk bridal sari, most of the trim was already woven into the fabric.




  1880's polonaise - black and rose floral brocade trimmed with pleated black velvet and jet buttons, worn over a rose satin underskirt with pleated velvet and satin flounce.


1860's Mourning
  Victorian Mourning - 1860's - black (of course!) moiré taffeta cartridge-pleated skirt worn over traditional hoops and petticoats, with a full-sleeved silk shirt and black satin zonal waist (much like the modern waist-cincher); the black hat, veil, gloves, and fan complete the ensemble.


  1906 gown for a formal tea, mauve iridescent fabric pin-tucked and trimmed in black lace, with a large elaborately embellished hat.


Early 20's
  1920's couple - she is wearing a two-layered dress of printed floral georgette over rose taffeta, with a flowing handkerchief hem.