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  Although a corset will certainly give you a beautiful silhouette under your bridal gown, why let the beauty of this garment go unseen? Whether your vision is traditional, modern, historical, fantasy or a combination of all of these, Jurnecka Creations will work with you to make an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind gown to express your unique beauty on your special day.
The Elizabeth Renaissance
  Elizabeth corset and bustled skirt of ivory damask, accented with antique gold braid on boning casings.  Renaissance bridal ensemble of Chinese silk brocade with metallic silk organza sleeves, elaborately embellished with gold lace and trims.


Valentine Victorian


The Elizabeth

Valentine Victorian corset in sage green brocade trimmed with antique gold braid on the boning casings, worn with a flowing two-layer skirt of silk and georgette. Peach and ivory satin Elizabeth corset, embellished with ivory lace and gold braid, worn with a coordinating peach organza underskirt and crinkle organza overskirt


The Elizabeth


Pointed Victorian in silk brocade.

  Two-tone Elizabeth corset of ivory brocade and burgundy satin, worn with a matching brocade skirt  Basic pointed Victorian corset in a rose silk brocade