Measuring Instructions :

Stand straight
Wear well fitting panties and bra (no padding)
Hold the tape measure snug but not tight.
Tie a string around your natural waist for a reference point.
Take each measurement twice, Jurnecka Creations cannot
 be held responsible for inaccurate measurements.
Bra size____________         
Desired waist ____________
1. Full Bust____________    
2. Above Bust.____________
(Hold tape just under armpits)
3. Underbust ____________
4. Natural Waist ____________
5. Hip 3" below waist ____________
6. Hip 5" below waist____________  
7. Side waist to underbust____________
8. Waist to bust point____________
9. Bustpoint to corset top____________
10. Center front waist to corset bottom ____________
11. Center front waist to corset top ____________
12. front waist over shoulder to back waist ____________